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MCPF's Tribute to Graham Hodgkiss

"A Tribute to Whiskers"

PAGB's Tribute to Graham Hodgkiss

Graham Hodgkiss MPAGB, ARPS, AFIAP, APAGB was a founding member of Aston & Erdington Photographic Society in 1972 when the two clubs, Aston Photographic Society and Erdington Photographic Society, of which Graham was a member, came together.  He became the President for the first time in 1982 and was again, another 6 times.  He was also a Life Member of the Society.

Graham and Jane moved away from the area to live in Worcestershire and became a member of Cheltenham Camera Club.  But returned to A&E when a crisis arose at the club, he put himself up for President again and formed a new committee and took control of the failing club.  Without him the club would have faltered and died in 2014.  He continued to attend for the next couple of years doing a round trip on a Monday evening of 100 miles.  How many people would undertake such a task to save the club he loved.

Unfortunately his health started to fail him and we saw less of both Graham and Jane.  It came as a great shock to hear of his passing in Worcester Hospital on Christmas Eve 2017.  He is sadly missed by everyone at Aston & Erdington.

I only knew Graham for a short time after he returned to A&E in 2014 but quickly got to like and respect him.  I certainly miss him as he was always there with advice as no one knew the club better than him.  The tales that Graham and the older members tell of days out and especially their visits to A&E Valley made you want to be there.

Some of Graham's images can be found here

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